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Our Story

How we discovered our passion to become pathfinders


If you know us personally, you'll know that we're extreme opposites in a LOT of ways - but there are quite a few areas that we agree on whole heartedly i.e. our love for people and our passion for traveling. Being complete opposites ironically works - as they say, "it's a balance". However, finding common ground in our relationship has been a journey - sometimes ridiculous, sometimes tough but in hindsight, it's always been a fun journey and we believe

that's thanks in major part to TRAVELING. Once we found out how beneficial traveling was, not only for us but also for other aspects in our lives, we were sold! We're continuously discovering new things about ourselves + each other - and so we've made it a goal in life to encourage others to do the same. Whether it's a girls trip, father/son / mother/daughter vacay, or a couples trip, anything goes - the world of TRAVEL knows no boundaries.


Blog. Because we know what it's like to be brave and book spontaneous last minute trips to places you've never been to. Get the skinny on our trips, tips + tricks.

After year one of our marriage, we decided to make it our number one priority to maintain the blissful newlywed lifestyle + it's changed our lives for the best! 

We get it, sometimes you just need a solid picture to get your travel bug moving again - We've got your back. Peep our active Insta page in full screen.